Envelopes, jabs and plastic

A great weight has been lifted off me – a huge bundle of manuscripts has been sent out today: Alley of Dead Whores and The Savage Redemption of Gaia off to potential new homes. My KSP emerging writer-in-residence application. And a shiteload of copies of Sobek’s Tears and Hear No Evil to the Fantasy and Horror judging panels of the Aurealis Awards. Phew!

I rub my hands together in expectation.

However, the day started off a little shaky. We took a family trip to the doctor, where Hayley and I each took a jab in the arm in the name of medical science (well immunology anyway). So be warned all you propagators of hepatitis – I am sanctified against your unclean advances!

To finish – a totally random, but very cool link: Tokyo Plastic (just try to figure out what they sell!)