Dust of the Dark Faery

A dark faery has infiltrated our home, sprinkled its nefarious dust, and spread discord and despondency. Especially the latter.

For me, it is the chinese hell (located on level 444) of being a food-loving Taurus and having to abandon everything I know and love in my diet.

It’s now water, vegetables/fruit, and a bit of fish. Nothing else.

I also have this intense feeling of isolation. This is odd, considering I’m a person who normally craves it. Maybe it’s cos the inner sanctum of family are also withdrawing inwards, leaving that last bastion of companionship bare and vulnerable.

At least I’ve taken care of some professional concerns – Alternative Time is wrapped up until next year’s bundle of stories hit me. Still working on Shadowed Realms, but that too will pass.

Okay, back to some wallow before I pull myself up (and atom!).