Drowned in a sea of academia and professional intent

This whole academic thing has knobs on it. Oddly though, I just can’t seem to help myself. My cases in point:

The dichotomy of the post-modern student rebel vs. corporate conformist… Is the legacy of Aristotle’s quest for personal wisdom dying?

Colonialism, Imperialism, and Darwinian ideals: Their affect on Joseph Conrad’s “The Heart of Darkness”, and other works by 19th century Realist writers.

Both are topics for essays (complete with annotated bibliographies and essay plans). My very first assignments as a matter of fact. And I chose them myself – practically plucked them from thin air. On rereading this stuff, all I can say is ‘Geez, Shane, what were you thinking?’

My next thought is: ‘I guess I should read that Heart of Darkness book, hey?’

Elsewhere: a range of professional responsibilities are keeping me rather busy. Smoke and Mirrors will be left to fizzle and shine for a while without me.