Dreams of Destruction

devil dingoI’m currently working on the latest Ravenous Gods story, “Dreams of Destruction”, which sees Captain Max Calder back in action – this time, in modern Australia. Calder is the hero of my novella Requiem for the Burning God.

I’m excited about this story, as I always look forward to returning to my Ravenous Gods cycle (there are many, many missing pieces to Calder’s backstory, which I’m looking forward to filling in.

So what is “Dreams of Destruction” about?

A terror cell known as the ‘Reign of Terror’ has surfaced in Australia. Backed by the savage power of Kurpannga and its Dreamtime monstrosities, and masterminded by a madman from the past, the terrorists attempt to detonate a supernatural weapon of mass destruction at a meeting of world leaders in Perth, Western Australia. If successful, their bold plan will cause worldwide chaos and devastate much of Australia and Asia. Opposing them, mercenary Captain Max Calder and the alluring Professor Momochi infiltrate the cult to bring it down from the inside – with a bang.

Yeah, Max Calder, Cthulhu Mythos, yakuza, and Dreamtime dingoes. I’m gonna rock this one! It’s a nice way to ease myself back into writing.

I should have the story finished soon, and then I can provide further publication details.

The Ravenous Gods pages gives further background on this series of stories.