Dread Seasons

In and around the mundaneties (if such a word exists) of domestic life, I scribbled a cute horror story (if the two words can amicably go together)today, entitled Rainbow Speckled Field.

This flash story is part of a concept I’ve been stewing on for a couple of weeks – a cycle of seasonal based horror stories. Indeed, I am trying to capture the very essence of each season with the stories, using this atmospheric seasonal spirit itself as the main adversary. Each will be a flash story of about 500 words, collected under the title Dread Seasons Quartet.

Oddly, I find myself using children as characters in these stories. Perhaps it is because children best represent an unsophisticated, unblemished viewpoint, and therefore a point of view that may more readily succumb to the latent, more passive horror imbued in a season. It may also be that children tend to add a more fairytale type feel.

With Rainbow Speckled Field (representing Spring), and the already completed The Rustle of Autumnal Leaves (Autumn), I have two completed stories of the quartet. Next is Naked Azure Sky (Summer), to be followed by a yet-to-be titled winter story.

I have already submitted Rustle, but if that’s rejected, I may submit all four (once completed) to markets, as a 2000 word ensemble.