Ditmars (and awards in general)

My expectations are funny things. At moments when I’ve verged on paranoia (every writer should have a good neurosis or three), I’ve expected a lot, perhaps too much, in terms of recognition. Other times, when I cast an objective eye over what’s out there, the great things other people have done, and the stuff of mine (personal fiction work and projects) that hasn’t yet appeared, I feel honoured and privileged that I’ve received the recognition I have.

So, thank you to the people who nominated two of my short stories, Shadow Box, HorrorScope, and Shadowed Realms for Tin Duck awards.

Thank you to the judges of the australian shadows award who chose Shadow Box as a finalist. Thanks also to the Aurealis Awards judges who commended my story ‘Revision is Murder’ in the horror short story category.

And, thank you to the good folk who nominated me for a Ditmar award as Best Fan Writer, HorrorScope for Best Fanzine, and especially Shadowed Realms for Best Professional Collected Work (incidentally, the first electronic publication ever to be nominated for the Pro Collected Work category, or it’s predecessor categories – it’s quite a coup).

It’s been an honour to receive such recognition.