Ditmar the second

If word of mouth is to be believed, HorrorScope has been fortunate enough to pick up a Ditmar Award last night for Best Fanzine. Woot!

While my name is the one on the ballot, the success of HorrorScope is entirely due to the dedication and hard work (and believe me, maintaining the energy and enthusiasm for a near-daily updated news and review site is hard work!) of the entire team: Mark, Miranda, Matt, Steph, Andrew, AD, Heather, and Talie. This Ditmar is theirs as much as it is mine.

In the absence of an official announcement, I’ve posted the winners on HorrorScope.

Congratulations to all the other nominees and winners. It was great to see dark fiction so well represented (in fact, all the fiction categories were won by what could be considered works of dark fiction), with an equally strong representation of dark fiction nominees.

I can’t say many of the chosen winners were much of a surprise – I had the fiction categories pegged, but Pro Artwork and Pro Achievement were hard to call. However, such was my lack of belief that I’d win any of the categories I’d been nominated for (New Talent, Fan Writer, and Fanzine), that I didn’t ask anyone to accept any awards on my behalf. I can only hope Miranda, Mark, or Talie were present to say a few words on behalf of the HorrorScope team!