Ditmar Awards 2010 – one man’s subjective guide (intro)

Having just acquired my membership to Dudcon, and with the Ditmar Award nominations presumably opening soonish, I thought it high time to open discussion on this year’s awards – or more specifically, the works from 2009 that I think are worth nominating for this year’s awards.

I’ve been running these “one man’s subjective guide to Ditmar nominations” for several years now, but for those catching this for the first time, here are my typical disclaimers:

  1. These are my opinions only (and rather subjective ones at that). You can make up your own mind on what’s good and what’s not.
  2. My tastes skew towards dark fiction.
  3. I will mention some projects with which I’ve been involved but also many more with which I have no affiliation whatsoever. These aren’t just ‘pimp my stuff’ posts – simply observations and recommendations based on what I’ve read/been exposed to from last year.
  4. If I don’t mention your work or something you loved and that’s an issue for you … I’m only one person and I haven’t read everything published last year. However, it’s just as likely that I have and I simply didn’t enjoy your work enough to recommend it for an award nomination (but this is not a slur on you and your work). More importantly, see points 1 & 2. Getting shirty about omissions (whether it’s your work or someone elses) won’t be appreciated.

Over the next week or two, I’ll be posting recommendations for most of the categories (although I’m not well versed with some of the art categories). Feel free to add your own recommendations in the comments. Until then!


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