Ditmar Awards 2010 – fan writer

Let’s get a little controversial here. It’s no secret that HorrorScope reviewers have done well in this category for the past few years. The good showing has been interpreted by a few as some sort of collusion on behalf of the Australian Horror Writers Association. That, my friends, is utter bullshit.

Let me clear this up right now. There has never been, and never will be, a coordinated effort by the AHWA to stack the Ditmar Award nominations. These Ditmar posts of mine may influence some but that’s about it. All a conspiracy theory about the AHWA/horror community does is detract from the good work people in this category have done. The honest truth is that HorrorScope is a very popular blog, is widely read as the news source for all things horror Down Under, and consequently, the fine folks who volunteer their time for HorrorScope have a reasonably high profile.

So let’s not be haters, ok? Alright then.

In no particular order, my recommendations for this year’s fan writer are:

  • Talie Helene (HorrorScope)
  • Chuck McKenzie (Horrorscope)
  • Shane Jiraiya Cummings (HorrorScope)
  • Stephanie Gunn (HorrorScope)
  • Craig Bezant (Horrorscope)
  • Matthew Tait (HorrorScope)
  • Tony Owens (HorrorScope)
  • Troy King (HorrorScope)
  • Mark Smith-Briggs (Horrorscope)
  • Brenton Tomlinson (Horrorscope)
  • Robert Hood (Horrorscope and Undead Backbrain)
  • Juliet Bathory (Sinister Reads)
  • Satima Flavell (Specusphere)

Yes, I’m biased, but as you’ll see from the various posts that have and will crop up over the next few days, so is everyone else. And you know what, I’m recommending a hell of a lot more stuff than simply my own work. If you don’t like this slant, refer to my opening post and have a great day.

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