Ditmar Awards 2010 – Best Achievement and the Atheling

Two posts in one here, namely because I don’t have enough recommendations to fill two separate posts!

The Best Achievement category is a toughie. While a few individuals had great years, I’m largely drawing a blank on standout achievements/events/milestones etc. The outstanding achievements I can recall include:

  • Marty Young is retiring as President (and founder) of the AHWA after five glorious years. I think that deserves an individual recognition.
  • Talie Helene stepped down as AHWA News Editor recently, but she had an exceptional 2009 (look through the HorrorScope posts from last year to see what I mean).
  • Juliet Bathory established Sinister Reads and volunteered her heart out for it, which was a great effort.

I’d appreciate other people’s thoughts on the outstanding achievements of 2009.

As for the William Atheling Jr. Award for Criticism or Review, I only have one (very fine) recommendation in that category this year:

  • “The Dead Walk! … Into a Bookstore Near You” by Chuck McKenzie (Eye of Fire #1, August 2009, Brimstone Press)

This was a brilliant long article on the zombie fiction phenomenon and filled with wit and insightfulness. Eye of Fire #1 can be downloaded for free from here. [Edit: broken link has been fixed!]

Last but not least, New Talent …



  1. Hey Shane,

    The link to Eye of Fire seems to be broken – a shame because that sounds awesome! Is there another way to view this?

  2. Shane Jiraiya Cummings says:

    Hi Jason,

    Thanks for alerting me to the dodgy link. I’ve taken care of business, so download and enjoy!