Ditmar Award recommendations – the intro

The Ditmar Awards are open for nominations (for Aussie work published in 2008). There’s a post about the categories and process on HorrorScope. Nominations close May 4.

I would heartily recommend that if you’re interested in nominating works and achievements but you’re not sure what was noteworthy from 2008, you should consult the HorrorScope recommended reading list (compiled by a panel of experts and fans) and read the Australian Shadows Award judges reports. There will, no doubt, be other lists around on the net in the next couple of weeks.

Given the breadth of Aussie spec fic I read each year, I usually post a list of what I thought were especially noteworthy works. This year, I’m going to break this down over a series of posts by category.

I do these lists because I want to see a diversity of works in the awards list and to encourage others to form their own opinions and get involved in the process. If a broad cross-section of people don’t get involved, then we end up with a national version of the Tin Ducks, with the same people winning awards year after year.

My disclaimers:
1. These are my opinions only. You can make up your own damn mind on what’s good and what’s not – I’m merely airing my thoughts on a not particularly well-read blog.
2. My tastes skew towards dark fiction.
3. I will mention some projects I’ve been involved with (because I think they’re shit hot) but also many more I had nothing to do with. These aren’t just ‘pimp my stuff’ posts. Simply observations and recommendations.
4. If I don’t mention your work and that’s an issue … well, see points 1 & 2 (and don’t be such a wuss!).

Now, onto the festivities …