Ditmar Award recommendations – special categories

The special categories…

Best Achievement

  • Angela Challis for Black: Australian Dark Culture Magazine and Brimstone Press
  • Steve Clark for Tasmaniac Publications
  • Talie Helene for her work as AHWA News Editor
  • Marty Young and the AHWA Committe for promoting horror through the Australian Horror Writers Association
  • [Late Addition] James Doig for preserving colonial Australian horror fiction and his anthologies Australian Gothic and Australian Nightmares.

These are all bloody obvious. Plenty of hard-working, unsung folks here. Hola!

Best New Talent

  • Joanne Anderton – a rising horror/fantasy star with diverse appearances in places like Australian Dark Fantasy & Horror and Midnight Echo)
  • Peter M. Ball – Clarionite with great stories in Dreaming Again, Black Box, and an upcoming novella.
  • Felicity Dowker – new horror sensation with upcoming appearances in ASIM, Aurealis, and Midnight Echo, among others.
  • Jason Fischer – Jason is now hitting his straps with an Australian Shadows nomination and a slew of intriguing stories published in the last 12 months.
  • Gary Kemble – a triple threat! ABC Articulate journo who has done plenty to promote spec fic, Black magazine journo, and rising short story star (in One Book, Many Brisbanes, Australian Dark Fantasy & Horror, etc)
  • Amanda Pillar – one of the few new Aussie short fiction editors to appear, with a solid debut with Voices and upcoming anthologies such as Grant’s Pass and The Phantom Queen Awakes.
  • Miranda Siemienowicz – former HorrorScoper and weaver of darkly surreal feminist prose with appearances in Hecate, Island, Australian Dark Fantasy & Horror, and more.

William Atheling Jr Award for Criticism or Review

Now this is an interesting category, generally dominated by individual reviews. My theory is that Black magazine ran some excellent and in-depth feature articles that are far superior to winning articles/reviews from previous years. It would be a travesty if none of these made the final ballot. They’re simply that excellent. I love them all, and admit to bias when I say I was especially proud of my detailed investigative dissection of the Lothian Dark Suspense line of horror novels (listed at the bottom).

  • “Fate Deals Ledger The Joker” by Gary Kemble (Black Magazine #1)
  • “A Guided Tour Through the Dark Tower” by Rocky Wood (Black Magazine #1)
  • “Flash Mobs and The Undead Revolution” by Gary Kemble (Black Magazine #2)
  • “George A. Romero: Master of the Living Dead” by Robert Hood (Black Magazine #2)
  • “Dark Suspense: The End of the Line” by Shane Jiraiya Cummings (Black Magazine #3)
  • [Late Addition] Several of the excellent articles and essays that have appeared in Studies in Australian Weird Fiction – pick one!