Disparate Whispers – Round 2

Following up on several of my submissions, most notably my agent queries and the progress of Disparate Whispers (the short story collection), I received a pleasant suprise today.

I have been informed that Disparate Whispers is officially in phase two of evaluation with Fremantle Arts Centre Press.

This has left me elated for a number of reasons:

* As I’ve said before, they are Australia’s largest independent press.

* Also as I’ve mentioned, they are especially literary, which means speculative fiction is generally booted out the front door without a second glance. To become a serious contender for publication – well, I must have done something right.

* I may be bucking the trend of established Australian SF writers. Many of the legends of the genre, guys with books and hundreds of short story sales, seem to have put out a small press (and I stress, small press) collection once every ten years or so. It seems incredulous that the likes of Stephen Dedman and Robert Hood don’t have half a dozen collections in circulation, given the proliferation of their work.

So in short YAY! I’m now officially holding my breath, but won’t know the result until 3-4 months. I still have doubts as to whether a dark fantasy collection will pass muster with FACP, but I can still dream.