Definitely big in France

Yesterday, the mail brought me a positive package on what was otherwise a reflective and occasionally sad day (the first anniversary of Sahma’s death). I was going to post a memorial of sorts for Sahma here, but instead, I’ll keep that particular grief private.

So … the package, you ask? My contributor copy of French magazine Borderline. My story “Wrack” (originally published in Shards) was kindly translated and reprinted in Borderline, and the whole thing is a class act. Of particular note is that I’m headlining the contents on the cover, and my story was first cab off the rank. They even had a mugshot of me in there, which was a bit spesh. Oh yeah, did I mention the half-naked tentacle chicks with blue nipplesĀ on the front cover. The French are fabulous, huh? šŸ˜›

So yeah, still big in France. In fact, I have a French reprint of my story “The Cutting Room” (the one that was nominated for Spain’s Premios Ignotus – the Spanish national SF awards) coming out in a French anthology (which I’m very much looking forward to!), and with a touch of luck, some other stories coming from the Continent sometime thereafter.


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  1. Nadj says:

    I didn’t know you had this one published in France, I’m going to try and get this issue of Borderline!
    I’m looking forward to seeing “The Cutting Room” published as well, because I translated it! Just wanted to say hello and thank you for this awesome story, I never had so much fun translating!
    I really hope I will translate more of your stories, they are so good.