Decisions, decisions

Well, after speaking with Ange, I have concluded a number of decisions:

A. I WILL withdraw Disparate Whispers from publication, and enter it into the TAG Hungerford Award (assuming one last query is answered to my satisfaction).

B. Autobahn Dance, The Dread Seasons Quartet (Wisps of Pallid Snow, Rainbow Speckled Field, and Naked Azure Sky – The Rustle of Autumnal Leaves was already in) and my new story Genesis Six, will be included in the expanded Disparate Whispers collection, bringing the word count above 51,000 and the story count to 22.

C. Genesis Six will be submitted to Surreal magazine after another round of re-writing. For the first time in a while, Ange found the story compelling and was enthusiastic about the pace and style (not to say she isn’t anything but supportive, but after you read the same stuff day in, day out, it takes something special to elicit a strong response).

D. Dying Roses will be submitted to the Peter Cowan Writers Centre anthology, Aspects of Love, assuming it doesn’t win the Commonwealth Short Story Competition.

E. I will approach an accomplished writer in the hopes of a collaboration. I have a huge backlog of excellent ideas, and a few potential writers to target. Unless of course I am approached in the meantime. Think about it people – I have stories to be published by Aurealis, Borderlands, likely ASIM, and about thirty stories floating around overseas. (I have only consulted Ange in passing on this one, but I’m toning down the scope of my original idea).

F. I believe Joaquin Phoenix would play an excellently brooding Simon Graves, Kirsten Dunst a competent, intellectual Claire, Thomas Jane as a punishing Captain Brand, Tom Sizemore as believable Detective Mike Taylor, and my fave actor, Bruce Campbell, as a struggling, out-of-depth Captain Saunders. No ideas yet on Jimmy, Professor Malcolm (although Ange likes John Rhys-Davies, I’d prefer someone more callow and gaunt), or a number of the supporting characters. Yes, I’m a nerd, but we’ll see in five years time when Harbinger: The blockbuster motion picture is in post-production.

Aside from resolutions, the only submission related emails I’ve had in the last few weeks from my stories are two ‘we’re considering your work, we’ll get back to you in a couple of weeks’ emails. On one hand, that makes me nervous. On the other, that means all of my stories are either in slushpiles, or else receiving serious consideration. My adage is – if it isn’t a quick rejection, then they’re at least thinking about it! All of my current submissions have been out there for at least a month, many up to three or four. Soon the tide come in, but what treasures will it bear?