Darkness Descending

I’ve been saying it for months now, in my Hellnotes column and pretty much everywhere else, and it was rather gratifying to hear my exact words echoed on ‘Sunrise’ (Channel 7) this morning: ‘the resurgence of horror’.

They were referring to the output of Hollywood horror movies, and they were right. Movies (Hollywood or otherwise) released in recent days include Dark Water, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, The Devil’s Rejects, Night Watch, Wolf Creek (and the upcoming Rogue), and many more. This, on top of the recent J-horror craze which saw the remake of movies like The Ring (1 & 2) and The Grudge, plus Dark Water.

But I’ve been taking a more comprehensive view of the field. Sure, Angela and I are doing our bit for Australian literature, but it goes well beyond us. The Australian Horror Writers Association formalised themselves this year, Lothian Books are opening an adult horror fiction line, plus many more people have seemingly ‘come out of the closest’ and indulged themselves with horror and dark fantasy – it feels as if it’s okay once more to admit you enjoy the dark side.

With Halloween on it’s way, I think ‘horror’ will continue to surge. I know, like anything which indulges the senses and emotions, that binges like this eventually pass, or at least subside, but it’s gonna be great to enjoy the ride.

And to top off a good mood, Shadowed Realms #8 is soon to be published (and is what I consider to be the ‘visceral horror’ issue), and the Shadow Box e-anthology is on it’s way, with all its multimedia nastiness. Good times. I’ll need to replenish the vats of blood…

PS. Still don’t believe me about the horror resurgence thing? Take a look at the Aurealis Awards website and compare the entered works across the divisions. Specifically the short story sections. SR #8 and Shadow Box stories have yet to be updated on the site.