Cyber Stalking

Okay, I have yet another of those confessions to make… I’m a cyber stalker – at least as far as I understand.

Yes, I’m one of those sickos who likes reading other people’s blogs. I love delving into the personal thoughts of literate people, hell, I like reading the thoughts of the non-literate, the confused, the inane, and the insane. Perhaps that’s why I’m involved with Shadowed Realms. It’s the psychology of it all that gets to me.

I’ve heard the term ‘cyber stalking’ bandied around, but I think that’s absolute crap. If someone publishes private thoughts, feelings, achievements etc. on the extremely public internet, surely that is an invitation for people to read said thoughts/feelings etc? Hell, I’m a prime example. I don’t delude myself that many people read this piece of cyber real estate, but hey, I DO know some people do. And the longer I continue this private interpolation, the more people will eventually stop by for a look (even if it is just to stare or laugh).

So, in my humble (or not so humble) opinion, I don’t buy this whole cyber stalking garbage.

Having said that, doesn’t it then beg the question – whose blogs am I reading? Also, where does one come across such blogs?

Well, to answer the second question first – you can try the random route and just cruise through the likes of or etc. I know I spent too much time surfing this damn net, but such chaotic ramblings as provided by total strangers are simply not justifiable in my book.

I prefer the almost-acquaintances. Other writers, generally more successful. Other editors especially. Reading such blogs provides both entertainment AND invaluable knowledge. Like the stuff I leak, the info from other editors and writers has affected some of my career decisions. It’s fascinating and heady stuff, particularly from articulate and sometimes smarmy writer types. Of course, it’s prudent not to name names, so Mum’s the word.

Okay – a couple of smidgens of useless info about me (for any fellow CSers out there) – I’m currently listening to an ecclectic mix of Young MC (Bust-a-move, classic rap), Hunters & Collectors (Holy Grail), and the theme from the cartoon series, The Transformers. On that note, may I point out that Damien and I (as kids) possessed one of the most complete collection of first edition Transformers in Australia. I was a Decepticon dude. In fact, I was one of the very, very few kids in NSW who owned the original gun-replica Megatron (it was banned in NSW, but we bought it in QLD when on holiday).

“The Transformers, more than meets the eye…

Autobots wage their battle to destroy the evil forces of the Decepticons!

The Transformers, robots in disguise…

The Transformers, more than meets the eye…

The Transformers!”

Yeah, classic 80s synth rock soundtrack to the most bitching cartoon series ever!