Crocodile Tears

Oh, I omitted a couple of important points from my market roundup (previous post).

Firstly, I received the table of contents for the forthcoming Apocryphal Tales: Parables of Old anthology, Edited by Stephen M. Wilson (publisher TBA). Let me just say that my story, Sobek’s Tears appears in good company. Sixteen stories were selected, including authors such as Mark Twain, award-winners like Ted Chiang & Rachel Pollack, and fellow Aussie and Dark Animus editor James R. Cain. I greedily await it to hit print.

The second thing was receiving my novel assignment in the post from (now former) tutor and current anthology Co-Editor Robert N. Stephenson. The assignment called for four novel excerpts/passages, highlighting issues such as POV, sub-plot, describing senses and dialogue. Now admittedly, I cheated slightly, using recent excerpts from Harbinger. I didn’t think about it at the time, but the excerpts are so out of context, some of my descriptions probably made no sense to him whatsoever.

Suffice to say, I laughed my arse off at some of his comments (in a good way, not a derogatory one). Robert said he didn’t like Simon, even calling him a dick. My eyes misted at that one. In re-reading the Simon passages (taken from early in the book), he does indeed come across as a wanker, particularly when taken out of context. There was also a passage where he is on a train, sinking into memories of his dreams. I describe this in detail, but taken by itself, this descriptive passage makes very little sense.

Regardless of the non-sensicalness of it all, I still received an excellent pass. I hope that bodes well as a gauge for future agents and publishers.