Crocodile Tears of Joy!

Oh… my… crocodile… God!

Sobek’s Tears was accepted into AUREALIS MAGAZINE!

For anyone not in the know, Aurealis is the longest running speculative fiction magazine in Australia, the most prestigious, and certainly the hardest market to crack. And I have done it. On my first try! Well, Midnight on the Jetty was sent in, but seemed to go AWOL somewhere along the way.

Look out for Sobek’s Tears in their bumper October 2004 issue.

Now, this has caused me an embarrassment of riches. As you see from my previous posts, Sobek was also accepted into the Apocryphal Tales anthology in the US. My answer to this is to grovel to the editor, Stephen Wilson, and hope to the Crocodile God that he is gracious enough to keep the story in as a reprint. As Aurealis is only four months away, and claims only Australian rights, my hopes for this are high.

I know this situation is probably a huge pain in the arse to most editors, and I acknowledge I stuffed it – if I play the cards right (which I have in theory, as the rights will likely not overlap), then all should be good.