Creative non-fiction: Ghosts of Australia’s Past

Monte Cristo homestead, Junee. Credit: Wiki Commons

Monte Cristo homestead, Junee. Credit: Wiki Commons

I’ve just concluded the first year of my Master’s of Creative Writing course, and I’m having a great time. I’ll post more about that soon, but one of the things that’s come out of the course is new work!

One of my units was Creative Non-Fiction, which has opened a world of new possibilities. I’ve written a couple of creative non-fiction essays so far, and I reckon I’ll return to the form in the future. I like the personal nature of the genre, which means the stories can be emotionally powerful.

I’ve published my first creative non-fiction essay today on this site. It’s an exploration of Australian haunted houses, tied to a recent trip to “Australia’s most haunted house” – Monte Cristo in Junee, NSW.

Pop on over there and enjoy the read.