Courses and courses

Well, the silly season is in full swing.

Semester two approaches and Ange is coming to the end of her Cert IV. At the same time, any financial assistance I’m receiving to complete my Diploma is also ending very abruptly, so, with rising agitation, we are scouting for courses to pick up on next semester.

There was an awesome Associate Degree in Writing course at Southern Cross University, but it’s not available until next year. Likewise, a groovy Diploma of E-Journalism from Central Queensland University is also unavailable. That brings me down to Bachelor of Arts Degrees. Three years of commitment is a long time. Possibly too long for my attention span.

It’s ironic that I will get precious little from a uni course, and yet it’s been a backseat dream of mine for years. Now I’m in a position to do it, I have the experience and knowledge that I don’t strictly need a course.

While things are very much up in the air, I may end up at either Edith Cowan University (and praying for advanced standing) doing real-life, in-person tutorials, or else UCQ or Southern Cross doing a correspondence Degree. Eek!

In and around all this, my story Siege was rejected by Fables & Reflections, and consequently picked up within 24 hours by Marginata magazine (the WA Writers Centre magazine, which has a statewide distribution in excess of 1000, which impressed me when I heard about it). In all honesty, I never expected Siege to see print.