CONquering the world (snakes on a plane)


Perth is supposed to be the world’s most isolated capital city. It sure feels that way a lot of the time.

I spent considerable amounts of time travelling this year – I attended three interstate conventions (Canberra, Hobart, and Melbourne), plus attended Clarion South in Brisbane, in addition to spending a bit of time with my family in NSW.

Spec Fic publishing has been the root of all this travelling and con-going, and the trend will continue. I will be attending Fandomedia this weekend (and possibly hosting a Shadow Box launch), and have committed to Conjure in April and Conflux in June next year (and very likely Swancon in March as well).

However, as much as I find value in Aussie conventions, I continually discover the work here in the dungeon beneath Shadowed Realms central (now officially the Brimstone Press dungeon) continues to go unnoticed overseas. So, I thought to myself, bugger it! I’m gonna bite the bullet and drag Ange to an overseas convention. Well, if finances dictate, we *may* get to an o/s con.

Problem is, I don’t know which one to go to!

Worldcon is in Los Angeles in August.

World Fantasy Convention is in Austin, Texas in November.

World Horror Convention is in San Francisco in May.

Wisdom would dictate that the World HorrorCon would be the logical place to go – but its timing is inconvenient. I’m also concerned about it’s scope – isn’t it the smaller and most specialised of the three? Looking at the proposed con schedule for next year, I’m faced with the following (* is one I’m expecting to get to):

Swancon (Perth) – March*
Conjure (Brisbane) – April*
World HorrorCon (San Francisco) – May
Conflux (Canberra) – June*
Continuum (Melbourne) – August
Worldcon (LA) – August
Fandomedia (Perth) – Sept/Oct*
ConSyder (Sydney) – October*
World FantasyCon (Austin) – November

So, I’m asking for YOUR help. Please help me make a decision on an international con. Despite my preferences, I’m not *strictly* a horror person, so I’m open to getting to any of the three. Is Worldcon mostly science fiction? Is World FantasyCon mostly fantasy? Are they all cross-pollinated these days? Which con has the best reputation?

I quite like the idea of going to San Francisco or Texas, but LA, I’m not so sure.

Please help! All opinions appreciated!

Snakes (on a plane)
On a completely unrelated note, Ange and I found a snake outside the front door. It slithered around in the garden bed before trying (very determinedly!) to get through Hayley’s bedroom window. It was probably a dugite (only seriously venomous instead of terminally) and about 1.2 metres long, so it was pretty small. Given that, Ange was out like a shot to catch it and remove it to Lake Joondalup. Unfortunately, it slithered under the old kayaks in the carport, and then *may* have escape into the neighbours yard. I stress *may have*.

Snakes are common around here, as are big-arse (but cute) blue tongues. We’re also overun by what seem (to me) to be fist size Orb-Weaver spiders. Believe it or not, I hate these things with a passion (particular when the latter weave a web at face height inside your car! Inside! That’s not freaking fair!). In fact, I’m prone to the occasional night terror because of them. Is it any wonder I write about monsters? It’s cathartic, I say!

Anyway, tonight Hayley left the sliding door to our bedroom open. Wide open. This is the door that opens onto the side of the house – the side where our snake friend went AWOL yesterday.

The last time that door was left open, I shared my pillow with a frog until I turned over, came eye to eye with it, and screamed like a freshly circumcised adult.

I’ve mustered the courage to go into the room to close the door, but the blanket and quilt are on the floor, and there are a bunch of suitcases and boxes under the bed. Ange isn’t here, so I’m alone to tackle the issue.

Looks like I’ll be sleeping on the lounge. Oh well, as I say – snakes on a plane.