Conjure panels (less drafty)

Here is what looks to be my finalised line-up for Conjure related events:

Dark Fantasy or Horror? – Sunday 3pm
What’s the difference? If you’re a horror writer, will tagging yourself as “dark fantasy” give you a better chance of being published?
Chair Kim Wilkins. Robert Hood, Shane Jiraiya Cummings, Jason Nahrung

Under the Surface – Monday 10am
What’s going on in Australian Horror?
Chair Robert Hood. Teresa Pitt, Kyla Ward, Shane Jiraiya Cummings

Don’t shoot the messenger: the merits of web publishing – Monday 1pm
We’re a future-friendly crowd so how come there are still lingering doubts about web publishing?
Chair Shane Jiraiya Cummings. Cory Doctorow, Russell B. Farr, Dr Kathryn Phelps

Plus Angela and I will be at the Ditmar award evening on Saturday night.

I also thought I’d book myself a ‘kaffee klatsch’ type situation in the hotel bar, where all the dark and broody and cool people can hang around with me and help plot out the next move to take over Australian spec fic. Or maybe just get quietly stonkered. Who knows with these things?

On a completely unrelated issue, after a brief HorrorScope hiatus (or lull, more like), I’ve posted what could only be considered a negative review of Basic Instinct 2 (a movie I saw as a preview the other night – my day job is starting to bring me perks). I’m rather proud of this review. It’s a return to form, of sorts.

Speaking of reviews, Mark Deniz on ASif has posted the second of the Shadow Box reviews. Another fantastic one, which I hope the majority of the contributors are pleased with. I didn’t quite agree with some of his choices in the disappointing category (Martin, if you’re reading, we all still love you and think your gravel-voiced teddy bears are scary), but there was much I did nod to.