Confessions of a Coke addict

Yes, it’s true. Coke is a virulent and addictive drug that devours peoples lives.

Yes, I am an addict.

And No, I’m not talking about the drug. I’m talking about the fizzy soft drink.

I’m officially ten days into my withdrawal, and life is becoming very funky – in a bizarre and surreal kinda way.

Sugar is something I crave in the strangest forms. I yearn to lick things. Odd, sweet things. And yet I find sparse relief. How little did I realise Coke was my friend, my seducer, my betrayer.

Compared to many, I wasn’t even a hardcore Coke addict. The dosage varied from one to four(ish) glasses a day. Sometimes none. Sometimes more.

The hardest thing is coming up with viable substitutes. I’m one of those freaks who needs a drink with every meal, so the supplies of water, orange juice and milk are starting to grate on my sugar/caffeine nerve. I drink much more tea now (as I can’t stand coffee). Without that fizziness, everything tastes so bland. Even choccie milk fails to sustain.

The withdrawal symptoms have been much less than in the past. Like most people, I fell off the wagon a couple of times, and succeeded in giving up the black gold for only a few patchy weeks here and there. The headaches and nausea were brutal then. Now, my moderated intake has meant only a series of mind head throbs. Nothing too major. It’s the lethargy that’s the killer this time round. Doing a full time course, I find myself falling flat at the end of the day and not getting much writing done.

Fortunately Shadowed Realms is still looking in tip top shape. I ensure the slushpile is left to a bare minimum as a priority. Ange and I have made determinations on almost everything we currently have. Just a not to any writers out there reading this – PLEASE read the guidelines before submitting. We’re getting a number of uninvited doozies!

So, with a pledge to avoid Coke (and pretty much anything fizzy) for the rest of the month (and likely beyond), I look forward to being less fat, less like a tyre with a slow-leak, and perhaps a more versatile drinker. Next step is the return to the daily walking routine. And then, who knows? Off to a gym? Nahh, I’m a writer, that’s getting a little extreme.