Comic books – the first taste of success

Copyright: Jason Paulos

A writer’s career can take many twists and turns. For example, back in 2003, I left work to write a novel but ended up writing a bunch of short stories instead (ultimately, it was the right thing for me to do).

Now, I’m writing a novel (one of several, in fact), and my love of comic books is creeping in. It’s cool, because I’m still able to write the novel at a decent output and yet I’ve found comic book script writing comes to me rather naturally.

So much so that with my first ‘submissions’ (actually, chatting with the artist/editors in question rather than an open submission call), I’ve had both accepted, which is simply awesome.

So keep an eye out for the graphic story version of my story “Love in the Land of the Dead” in Jason Paulos’ excellent EEEK! pulp horror series some time in the future and “Spin the Witch Bottle” upcoming in an issue of Dark Oz Publications’ new series, Decay. I’d like to give a special shout out to Jason Fischer for getting me in touch with Jason P.

I’m extremely stoked that these scripts have found homes. You can bet I’ll be doing a lot more work in the comic book/graphic novel medium in the years to come.