Colossus of Roads

The last few days have been particularly productive. Friday saw me write the majority of Singing in Prague (and completing it in the process). Today has seen me complete another longish story, Colossus of Roads. I did the first third last night, and pushed out another 1400 words today. The story has flowed remarkably well, but that may be because I’ve kinda geared it more from a kid’s angle. Even so, it stands out well as a reasonable adult SF/Fantasy story. I’ve sent it (and wrote it for) the Daikaiju anthology. It’s my last gasp, the last throw of the dice, and any other cliche you care to mention. Submissions close for it today.

Speaking of submissions, Shadowed Realms also closes tonight, so this should bring some welcome pre-Christmas, pre-Clarion reading relief.

I’ve also had a nibble on my zany Clarionator game (thanks Suzanne!). Come on Clarion Southers! (read post below).

Also, for the musically inclined, I’ve updated the radio blog (sidebar below counter) with a couple of extra songs.

Finally, it’s been a turbulent couple of days, with Ange going through some hellish workplace dramas. I won’t go into it, as we’re still hashing out the aftermath (with the added wildcard of some high-powered medications involved), but it’s really odd that I’ve been so productive. Perhaps because Hayley isn’t here (I haven’t mentioned this, but she’s having her Leavers/Schoolies week off ‘down south’), and also perhaps because there’s been a lot of motivational to-ing and fro-ing. Things will work out.

Now, I just need to sleep!