Clarion South and other bundles

Oh yes, aside from worrying about finances and further education, I sent off a huge wad of parcels and evelopes.

Amongst these were:

Parcels of holidays goodies (from Thailand and Singapore) for my family.

Hear No Evil to Weird Tales magazine (USA).

Alley of Dead Whores to The Third Alternative magazine (UK).

Blasphemy on Eight Wheels to the KSP SFF Competition. I held out on this one as long as possible, thinking I’d try to send in more than one story, but in the end, nothing else of a suitable size was available. Besides, with a few minor edits, I am very confident this story will do well in the competition.

And last, but definitely not least (at about 100 pages), my application to the Clarion South writers workshop.

It’s official – the best Australian writer that no one has ever heard of has thrown his hat into the ring for a place at the ultra-prestigious Clarion South workshop. I lampooned the concept a couple of months ago in discussions with Ange, but the more I thought about it, and the more I read the reports from the Alumni of the first workshop, the more I changed my mind.

I think it’s a bit of a hoot really – I sure as hell hope I get a place. I can just imagine – some guy no one has heard of, with a bundle of publication credits that don’t appear until late this year/next year, who just turns up among networked semi-pros who are part of a small, relatively tight-knit community. Like a cat among the pigeons.

The advantage of being an outsider is you can do a lot of research, come to see the patterns of things from afar, and then impress everyone with your knowledge. Most people would have no idea I subscribe to all the major aussie mags, peruse the SF Bullsheet, am a lurking member on a number of newsgroups, and regularly read the blogs, websites, con reports etc. of all the Aussie writers I can get my hands onto. It’s really amusing when I read Con reports or blogs for instance, and note the people the author mentions, including many the author has no idea about, and I seem to know these people better than they do. It’s voyeuristic in many ways.

Yes, I sound like a smug git, perhaps I am, but knowledge is power, especially when you’re an outcast forcing your way in.

So Clarion, here I come. Time to make an entrance and show everyone just who I am.