Clarion South 2005

Well, here’s the official list of the Clarion South attendees for 2005:

Shane Jiraiya Cummings, WA

Mark Barnes, NSW

Nike Bourke, Qld

Nathan Burrage, NSW

Alison Chan, ACT

Lily Chrywenstrom, ACT

Suzanne Church, Canada

Rjurick Davidson, Vic

Evan Dean, Qld

Ellen Klages, USA

Jun Aras, NSW

Anne Mok, NSW

Emma Munroe, NSW

Trevor Stafford, ACT

Susan Wardle, NSW

Kenrick Yoshida, USA

I notice the Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild is well represented, as are the Eastern States of Australia. There are even a couple of international Clarionites, which could be intriguing. However, it seems I’m the only WA representative. In fact, no one from SA, TAS, or NT is going.

I also note, with [surprise? disdain? something?] the original reference to my name dropped the ‘Jiraiya’. I’ve little doubt people must be uncomfortable with the hybrid. Odd, considering I use it enough for it to be considered a legal name.

In other news, I notice both Gary Kemble (Ad Infinitum) and Mik Bennett (Eyes of the Hunter) have their Shadowed Realms issue 1 stories entered in the Aurealis Awards. Good luck to both of them! Even if my stories fall by the wayside in the selection process (and I’m hoping they’re strong enough not to!), these guys have put together some cool tales, so I’ll be cheering for them regardless.