Checkin’ In

This is another of those random update/diary type entries.

The Electronic Frontier
After not very much cajoling from Gillian Polack, I’ll be hosting the April 2006 Australian Speculative Fiction Blog Carnival. I wasn’t really sure what this was until I checked it out. In it’s basest form, it’s an informed commentary on the ‘state of things’ (my words) with linkage aplenty.

Also on things electronic, HorrorScope is powering on with bountifully excellent reviews and news. Did you know there’s gonna be a White Noise 2? (not that we probably needed one, but that’s beside the point) I didn’t, until I read HorrorScope. There’s also an esoteric review of Shadow Box by Matthew Tait, plus vast amounts of interesting info.

Speaking of reviews, ASif!, the Aussie spec fic small press review site, was launched the other day. I’d urge readers, and Aussie writers and editors to check it out. If you complete the treasure hunt, you could score a copy of Shadow Box.

It’s with a significant measure of relief I can report all Shadowed Realms submissions, except for twenty-odd shortlisted possibles, have been actioned. We were consistently impressed with the quality of stories we had to reject, which is certainly an improvement (average quality-wise) on the state of the slushpile from twelve months ago. Also, the volume was simply staggering.

Turns out I did better than expected, considering the juggling of a full time study load and all the other projects I’ve been working on. Three Credits and a Distinction. I reckon at least one of those Credits was due to my (lack of) participation in the SCU online forums, because I scored Distinctions in both assignments for that unit. Damn social requirements!

Speccy Fic
As a final addendum to my frustrations from the other day, I’ve been in touch with Donna Hanson and it looks like situation will be addressed as best it can.
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