Cheap January ebooks

Year of the DragonIt’s now 2013, the dying days of the tumultuous Year of the Dragon, and soon to be the Year of the Snake. While 2012 was a year of introspection, personal growth, advancement at work, and New Zealand adventures for me, I will return to writing in a more serious way in the Year of the Snake.

In the meantime, all my ebooks are cheap as, bro!

Everything of mine, with the exception of Rage Against the Night and my free books, is now just 99c! ALL OF THEM! 99c!

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In the same spirit, Rage Against the Night and other Brimstone Press ebooks (including Macabre and The Last Days of Kali Yuga) are on sale throughout January. More details on the January Brimstone sale can be found on the Brimstone Press site.

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