Chasing Jormungand

In even more positive news on the ‘hey, I’m a writer’ front, my short story “Chasing Jormungand” has been accepted for publication in an upcoming issue of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine.

’05 Clarionites may remember this one as the notorious ‘yawn’ story. If they don’t, their aching jaws certainly will!

I feel it’s one of my best, and as a second person comic science fiction piece, it’s something of a departure from my usual fare.

Here’s a taste:

You flick the multimedia settings off, choosing standard audio as you answer the call.


“Where are you?” Dr. Kane asks. His tone is a sharp blend of Germany and New York. There is no greeting, no cordiality with him. Just work. “The readings I’m receiving are unprecedented.”

“On a train in Sydney,” you answer.

“Where is the yawn now?”

“Well.” You hesitate. The signs reappear–tilting heads, spreading lips, stretching arms.

“Good God! You must be right at the epicentre!” The Doctor’s emotion is rare and startling.

“Yes–” The yawn grips you, sudden and powerfully, as you begin to say something more. Your training kicks in–the covering hand and the over-tensed jaw muscles. You escape the worst of it, managing to keep your lips sealed.

“Are you there?”

“Yes,” you say, fighting the yawn’s aftermath. “The yawn is trapped in the train. It appears to be gaining intensity.”

“It’s resonating! Stay with it. A yawn of this magnitude has never been studied so closely.”