Calling all authors!

I know you’re out there! The little countery thing keeps rising!

Perhaps it’s too late for my addled brain, but I’m throwing an open invitation to all writers – Perth-based, Australian-based, international, hell, even aliens will do – for a collaboration. I owe the universe a favour or two, so whether it’s a first timer, or a multi-award winner, I’m not too fussed. All I ask is professionalism (as in, able to work to deadlines and to take constructive criticism).

The brief – I want a werewolf story. No, in fact, I want any dark speculative story, lycanthropic or otherwise. I just want the experience really. Flash is just as good as a short story, I’m not that discerning. The story length is determined by the tale.

The nasty bits – I don’t guarantee publication. I don’t even guarantee the story will be good.

The good bits – here’s a chance to work with an emerging Australian writer riding a wave of success with upcoming stories appearing in the likes of Aurealis and Borderlands.

If interested, leave a comment, or drop me an email. I’m tired, and maybe a little strange, but I don’t bite. At least, not yet anyway…