… but he was big in France!


More good news from the Continent! After lamenting that I hadn’t been published in France – and hot on the recent sale of “Wrack” to the awesome French zine Borderline – my story “The Cutting Room” is set to appear in next year’s Tenebres anthology.  Going by the contents listed for the 2008 anthology, my story should share some very fine company.

If “The Cutting Room” sounds familiar to you, that’s because it was anthologised in Apex Publications’ Gratia Placenti anthology, podcast on Pseudopod, reprinted in Australian Dark Fantasy & Horror Volume 2, and subsequently published in Spanish in the Paura 4 anthology (and was then nominated for Spain’s Premios Ignotus).  The story is currently available (in English) on the Free Fiction section of my website, and it will also appear in my forthcoming full-length collection, Midnight.

It’s the Year of the Tiger, baby, and I’m definitely going to leave a mark this year! Yatta!