Burning a hole…

…In what exactly? The way our con experiences are going, I’m burning a hole in our budget. But what the hey, you know? Ange and I have returned from Conflux where we had an immensely enjoyable time. Am I going to do a con report of the same magnitude I did for Swancon? No sirree bob! But I may (if time permits) waffle a little about all the groovy experiences we had in a later post (including popping my cherry as a panelist for the first time ever!). Woot!

‘Burning a hole’ actually refers to a short story I very unintentionally wrote over the last few days. I was just doodling really, filling in time between uni assignments, and various responsibilities. Voila! I found myself with an actual words-written-in-a-cohesive-order story. My first since returning from Clarion South in February. It’s called Burning a Hole in the Sky. It’s flash, it’s about vampires and a shattered Australian near-future republic, and may need some work, but it’s something new.

However, my writing output, while sporadic, is certainly not miniscule. Energised by Swancon and Conflux, I’ve revamped several of my pre-Clarion stories to a post-Clarion level of quality. In one case I doubled the story’s length. I’m very happy with my edited versions and have already sent out a couple to local markets. It feels great to be on the writing merry-go-round again.

One of those stories was my week five Clarion piece. It is considerably strenghtened etc etc. but the real breakthrough was that I mustered the courage to actually tackle revising a Clarion story at all. The post Clarion curse is weighty indeed, and I’ve been too intimidated to touch the teetering stack of crits. Now I have, I feel so much better for it. The downside is I really do see how much work is needed on some of my Clarion and most of my pre-Clarion stories, and the task is daunting. However, I have incentive and impetus, so damnation, I’ll get them done progressively over the next couple of months.

On the boring subject of the uni course, I have been exceptionally slack and late with many of my first assignments. Oddly (or not so oddly), the first one that’s come back was a high distinction! Go me! I think that’s extremely cool, and a good indication of my suitability to academic waffle, as it was one of the aforementioned late assignments. I find myself sweating on a major assignment (essay) right now, but I’m blase over the whole thing for reasons I cannot fathom. Maybe it’s because (like the Advanced Diploma) I haven’t really had to work for it. I think I need to be stretched, like I was with the Web design course – I need to tap into the old competitive gene. Silly human nature.

Now I must plan for our next cons (Thylacon and Continuum), and return to the world of responsibility.

Oh, just a quick addendum:
(Conversation over dinner this evening)
SJC: “Hayley, have you ever had an imaginary friend?”
H: “No, not a real one.”

The ditziness of superficial teenage blondes is infinite. 🙂