Brimstone redux

Okay, I’m developing some sort of obsession with the word Brimstone.

Not only was that the experimental working title of the entity now known as Shadowed Realms, it was the name I had in mind for several other ventures.

And now, it is the title of my latest micro story.

Brimstone, the really really short story, has been crafted, polished and sent to aurealisXpress. It is my fourth attempt at aurealisXpress. As such (being my auspiciously lucky number), I have high hopes. Bastion, Hell, and Web have previous failed – although the latter two were picked up the the good folks at Flash Shot.

On other fronts, I have fielded a few Shadowed Realms enquiries. Looks like everything on that front is rolling along smoothly. I have also gone through reading/checking the stories Robert Stephenson sent through for the An Alternative Time anthology.

I am also submitting Sobek’s Tears to Stephen Jones’ Mammoth Book of Best New Horror vol 16. Hear No Evil may follow, but I need to know which issue it will be published in before I take that step. Also, I’m sending In the Absence of Heroes over to the Glimmer Train competition. I’m giving up on the Woman’s Weekly (Monthly?) comp. They state if you haven’t heard anything by late April/May, you haven’t won. Looks like I haven’t won. Oh well, at least it feels good to be at least minorly productive after a few non-productive days.

Also on award news, I am seeking to get an expanded version of Disparate Whispers into the TAG Hungerford Award (one of WA’s finest prizes for literature). I am adding the Dread Seasons Quartet and Autobahn Dance, to up the word count beyond 50,000 words. I am awaiting clarification on whether I am eligible (I just wrote that as ‘elibigle’ before correcting it!) as the manuscript is undergoing scrutiny from Fremantle Arts Centre Press, before I submit.

It’s now back to the grind for me. The resolution of Simon’s tarot reading awaits. As do a few pressing short story ideas. Mum rang today and gave me some impetus for a story I have been stewing on, titled In the darkness, there I lie…