Bound for Fremantle


I received a call today from the Fremantle Arts Centre Press crew. Apparently, Disparate Whispers was not appropriately bound, as required for the TAG Hungerford Award judges.

So…. I have to head down there tomorrow, and going by the advice they gave, collect the manuscript from the front desk, punch a hole in 250 pages, and stick into a lever-arch file.

Screw that! I say.

They want it bound, I get the darn thing bound. If I’m risking six months of my life, and potentially $5000 and a publishing contract, I will sure as hell make sure the thing looks as professional as possible. So, off to Officeworks or thereabouts tomorrow.

What disturbs me more than anything else is the wording on the entry form. Forgive me if I’m wrong here, but a passing mention of being securely bound is fairly misrepresentative – especially as it is drummed into we writers to submit everything loose leaf for publishers. And apparently, quite a few people made my mistake, presumably assuming ‘bound’ referred to extra rubber bands around the manuscript! d’oh!

At least it means I escape the house for a while. The creative muse is desolate, probably bereft of inspiration by the enforced house-boundedness.

In other inconvenient news, Firewall v1.1 underperformed in the 10th Chiaroscuro short story contest. Continuing on my devastating run of non-placements in competitions (including losing a contest from a field of four writers! four!!), Firewall non-placed!

Now, that just gets my goat, it does! I’ve promptly sent it elsewhere (and apparently it is being considered by Ticonderoga Online, but despite their advice on the story, I know deep down it isn’t an appropriate story for them, so I await the rejection with good grace. Now, my entire competition future lies with Blasphemy on Eight Wheels. This little gem is in the KSP SF competition, to be decided in early August. It is also destined for the Writers of the Future contest. If that fails, I may as well give up on comps. Truly, it seems my luck in those things is akin to a djinn’s curse. Nasty, and everlasting.

The main positivity today was an impromptu Shadowed Realms staff meeting (yeah, Angela and I discussed the merits of all stories submitted thus far). Decisions will be made on almost all current submissions this week, and I can say for a certainty that there will be acceptances, and perhaps re-writes (with follow up reconsiderations), so that at least is positive for some budding young literary stars. Of course, I’ll gloss over the dark side of reviewing these stories, but wish every author who has currently submitted a story the very best of luck, there’s some rising stars (and some established ones) in that lot.

Also on things Shadowed Realmsy – the site received the much needed makeover today. Of course, it really sparkles in 1024×768 resolution (if your not sure what that is, right click on your desktop, go to ‘properties’, then to the ‘settings’ tab, and then change the little slidey bar to 1024). I’m pleased with it thus far. The site has much in common with my personal site, and the upcoming additions to the Ascension Group website. Very cool stuff indeed.