Black in the wild

In a spare five minutes yesterday, I popped into the big newsagent in Joondalup to see if they were stocking copies of Black. When I did so a week and a half before, they hadn’t heard of the mag. This time, though, I was very pleasantly surprised to see seven copies of Black displayed prominently near Empire and the TV mags. Cool, I thought, but not more than a minute later, as I was flicking through a nearby magazine, two teen boys come barrelling in, heading straight for the movie and entertainment section, and lo and behold, one points to the stand and says, “Black!”

While suppressing a smirk, the boys then have an animated discussion on whose armour they’d prefer to wear: Iron Man’s or Batman’s.

That moment was, for me, what Black is all about – reaching new people and spreading the darkness. It was a moment full of awesome.