Black Box open at last

It took a good six months longer than I expected, but all but a handful of Black Boxes have been sent to contributors and all pre-orders have been filled.

So what are you waiting for? For a mere $12.95, you get:

  • Nearly 100 short and nasty stories from some of the best dark fiction writers in Australian and from around the world – Stephen Dedman, Kaaron Warren, Richard Harland, Robert Hood, Rick Kennett, Paul Haines, Will Elliott, Martin Livings, Trent Jamieson, Dirk Flinthart, Lee Battersby, Lyn Battersby, Mikal Trimm, Kurt Newton, Nathan Burrage, Jay Caselberg, Kirstyn McDermott, Gary Kemble, Peter M. Ball, Alan Frackleton… just take your pick! Each story is lavishly presented.
  • A dozen of the hottest alternative Aussie musos – Dandelion Wine, Pathogen, Temujin, The Eternal, Empyrean, 4th Wall, Frankenbok, Opera Macabre, Virgin Black, Wendy Rule, and Talie Helene (music videos in the e-anthology and all the songs on a bonus audio disk!)
  • Galleries from some excellent dark fantasy artists – Andrew J. McKiernan, Brian Smith, Adam Duncan, John Banitsiotis, Peter Schwartz, and Emily Steigerwald.
  • A short graphic novel by Bryn Sparks.

If you liked Shadow Box, Black Box will blow your mind.

Don’t miss out. Order your Black Box now at and find out just what’s inside the box!