Black #2, kicking arse and taking names!

Yes, issue 2 of the magazine that has captured the hearts and minds of anyone with a dark side has finally arrived!

This one is bigger (64 pages) and packs a helluva punch compared to the first issue. What’s not to love:

  • Robert Hood’s exclusive one-one-one with zombie maestro George A. Romero. Two of the world’s best zombie braaaaiiinzzzzzz together, at last!
  • Gary Kemble’s massive (and massively excellent!) feature on the zombie lurch and flash mob phenomena.
  • and zombies, zombies, zombies!
  • Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki give us the lowdown on hunting demons on Supernatural (plus a bit of Gilmore Girls and Days of Our Lives).
  • Fiona Horne & Wendy Rule – two Aussie musos & witches kickin’ arse in their own ways.
  • Guillermo Del Toro & Selma Blair talk Hellboy 2
  • Jon Hewitt – director of the new Aussie film Acolytes
  • Steven Kastrissios – director of the new Aussie film The Horseman
  • Huge photo editorial of the Supanova and Gencon SF cons
  • The dark art of the Neo Goth art show.
  • Halloween
  • Black’s guide to spotting sub-cultures.
  • The Page Thirteen pinup of scream queen Bella Dee!
  • and a bucketload more (including many new columns: Andrew McKiernan on urban legends, Robert Hood on giant beasties, plus photography, sex, and ummm…. heaps of other stuff)!

Of special note is my one-on-one with Paul Haines, where we shoot the breeze on paedophilia, fighting cancer, and his new book (more on that last one soon!).

There’s also new fiction from Paul (and a damn, damn fine story it is, too!) and Miranda Siemienowicz. Top notch stuff!

Black #2 is on sale next Monday at more than 1,000 newsagents, Borders stores, and a whole bunch of independents (now including Raven Clothing in Canberra). Or beat the queues and subscribe now!

You don’t have to be a horror nut to love this mag – it’s frickin’ awesome for anyone who likes to look on the dark side of life.