BIG NEWS – Round 2

Ahh screw it….

I vowed to stay tight-lipped for a while, but what the hey.

I’ve been chosen to go to CLARION SOUTH.

That’s right boys and girls, Clarion South, the ultra-prestigious writers residency for speculative fiction writers (and described as a ‘boot camp’), have included me in their 2005 line-up.

I’ll be rooming/festering in a dorm at Griffith University in Brisbane, with 16 other SF writers. The best part is, I’ll be tutored by some of the best writers and editors in the world. Most notably, Ellen Datlow, Sean Williams, Ian Irvine, Michael Swanwick, Margo Lanagan and Scott Westerfeld. Should be a hoot!

I’m particularly looking forward to meeting Ellen and Sean.

In other news, the very prompt and courteous Bob Gunner, Editor/Publisher at Cyber-Pulp Press in the US, will be reading Disparate Whispers ASAP. My fingers are crossed on that decision.

Finally, I’ll have the dauntless HARBINGER packed off to TOR Books in the US for their consideration in a few days. No guarantees of course, but one can always hope and scheme. It has only ever been considered by Aussie agents thus far, and with my present market knowledge, I know now they would have never accepted it, no matter how special or groundbreaking it may be. It is an unsaleable genre in Australia. I have no idea how it will be received by a publisher in the US, but I’m damn interested, let’s just say that much.