BIG NEWS – Round 1

In this first instalment of BIG NEWS, I get to tell you absolutely nothing, because:

a) The first piece of big news is tied to Damien’s extremely belated (through no fault of my own!) birthday present. All I can say is, it’s ready and will be sent to him soon. Photos will follow…

b) Professionally, I also received some major news, but feel it would be improper to let the cat out of the bag until the powers that be make the official announcement.


Here I am left to tell you the dregs.

Shadowed Realms

Progressing well, but still have a mountain of submissions to sort through. Look away for just a second, and the stories multiply. I guess that’s what happens when you’re left in the dark unattended for too long.

KSP Writing Workshop

I attended a SF short story workshop on Saturday, held by fellow KSP SF group member Lee Battersby. The turn out was small, and the group were all strangers to the world of speculative fiction. In saying that, their prose was fluid and outstanding. Several of the attendees had a poetry background, and the eloquence of their sentences spoke volumes. I certainly felt like I had to lift it up a notch or two by mid-way.

The workshop itself was actually a writing marathon – a series of non-stop writing exercises. In the end, I’ve happily made a decent start to a couple of short stories, or at least have the foundation of a few good ideas.

(Step-)Fathers Day

Jacqui (and Jacquie) brought Hayley back from a day at their dad’s house on Sunday. With them, Jacqui brought a very cool (and very frustrating) link puzzle, that even now, annoys the piss outta me as I just can’t solve the bastard.

Hayley took pity on me, appealing to my stomach with a can of chocolate whipped cream. Mmmm.

That night (yesterday), we decided to go out for an old-fashioned game of bowling. Ange started strongly, but faded badly. I started very, very poorly, but salvaged a 142 game with a timely turkey (3 strikes) at the end. The second game brought me back to my old form, where I pulled in a few strikes and many spares for a 174. Ahh, the memories. It almost made me yearn to go back to the old Junior bowling league days. *Sigh*

Hayley’s Careerlink graduation

Tonight, Ange, Hayley and I spent an evening at the brand new Perth Convention Centre. It was Hayley’s official awards ceremony (along with 500 other kids). The keynote speaker was an Aussie fireman who’d volunteered at the World Trade Centre site post September 11, 2001. His speech was quite stirring, with just a dash of bullshit thrown in to make it enjoyable.

Regrettably, the actual awards ceremony was like a cattle call gone wrong. The photographers were shaking their heads as the organisers completely stuffed up the issuing of certificates. The issuers just went along, handing certificates out awkwardly while half-heartedly shaking hands. Some missed out on certificates, others were out of order, while still others werent there. It was just plain embarrassing for a so-called professional body representing some of Perth’s finest private schools. More strikingly, the respect to the kids, and the communication, was sadly lacking.

The good thing was, Hayley came away with a handsome certificate. Her disrespect of authority and ceremony was already in place, so that was upped another healthy dose by the antics of the night.

Oh yeah, and while I had no problems with the design of the Convention Centre, Ange hated it. More than anything, it reminded me of an international airport – without the vending machines and duty free arcade.