Yamabushi Kaidan

In a Japan that never was

The Adventures of Yamabushi Kaidan is a series of epic Japanese fantasy stories which chronicles the exploits of Kaidan, a wild mountain monk who acts as guardian of the remote Autumn Valley, and his young friends Akio, Kaidan’s apprentice and a gifted healer, and Yumi, a skilled but untested warrior who fights for her village and independence.

The stories published (in chronological order) so far are:


  • Novelette
  • Self-published, November 2011
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In a Japan that never was … while Yamabushi Kaidan is away on a desperate mission to the Summer Peak, his young friends Yumi and Akio are forced to defend the Autumn Valley against the darkness that creeps in with the mist. Can Akio’s courage and Yumi’s skill with a blade resist the threat of the legendary Mist Ninja?


In a Japan that never was … Yamabushi Kaidan is a mountain monk with tremendous fighting ability and spiritual powers, Yumi is a brilliant but untested warrior, fighting for her village and her independence, and Kaidan’s apprentice Akio is a gifted healer with a courageous heart, but can their combined prowess save the village of Kyuusai from the onslaught of the mysterious Smoke Dragon?