Ravenous Gods

Ravenous Gods is a cycle of stories featuring Great War ace Captain Max Calder as he faces nightmares inspired by the darkest imaginings of the Cthulhu Mythos.

The stories in the cycle published (in chronological order) so far are:

Dreams of DestructionDreams of Destruction

  • NovellaAustralian_Shadows_seal
  • First published as an e-book (2014)

Backed by the savage power of Dreamtime monstrosities, and supported by shadowy masters, an Australian cult known as ‘The Reign of Terror’ attempts to detonate a supernatural weapon of mass destruction at a meeting of world leaders in Perth, Western Australia. If successful, their bold plan will devastate the earth. Can mercenary hero Captain Max Calder infiltrate the cult, fend off the yakuza and Lovecraftian horrors, and ultimately bring down the plot from the inside – with one hell of a bang?

Winner of the 2015 Australian Shadows Award!

Midnight Echo 6Graveyard Orbit

  • Novelette
  • First published in Midnight Echo #6, ed. David Conyers, Jason Fischer, and David Kernot (AHWA, 2011)

In the future, the deep space exploration vessel Wellington encounters the unthinkable orbiting the uncharted planet Osiris II.  Amid the debris of a trillion alien corpses, the Wellington’s Captain Walker will stumble upon an unlikely ally – and potentially, the secrets of the universe.

 Requiem for the Burning God (2014 cover)Requiem for the Burning God

  • Novella
  • First published in Cthulhu’s Dark Cults, ed. David Conyers (Chaosium, 2010)
  • Republished as a standalone e-book (2011)

Evil festers beneath the mountains of Peru, and British Great War ace turned mercenary Captain Max Calder unwittingly stumbles into the thick of it! Confronted by Lovecraftian horrors, the machinations of a world-spanning conglomerate, and a lunatic song that haunts his every step, Calder may pay the ultimate price to save the world from danger.