Bearing the Banner

I’d like to thank everyone for their responses to my last post, which certainly helped my disposition. Bryn reminded me that there is a cause here, one larger than self-indulgence or waning self-belief. Everyone else reminded me that humanity rocks, or at least part of it. Like Bryn, Andrew, Stephanie, Matthew, Nathan, and many more, I feel a responsibility to keep propelling *what it is we do* forward.

Screw that boulder pushing bullshit, I say, I have projects to complete and a novel to publish!

After yesterday, I now have four, not five uni assignments to complete.

After today, all outstanding Shadow Box submissions have all been addressed, with editing underway. A complete list of Shadow Box contributors is online at the Shadow Box website. It’s gonna rock.

It’s a number games – 23 days to do X number of things. I’ll do it, or it’ll take me out with the trying. I have a banner to bear.