Balls and TVs

I don’t normally watch TV and I don’t normally like ads, but the Sony Bravia ad (the one with the laidback music and the coloured rubber balls bouncing down a street) just clicked with me. It turns out I like lots and lots and lots and lots of coloured rubber balls (250,000 of them, as a matter of fact) bouncing down a city street. There’s just something simplistic yet magic about the experience.

I’ve also been entranced by the music in the ad. As it turns out, it’s a song by Swedish musician Jose Gonzalez called ‘Heartbeats’. I’ve now secured myself a copy of the song and I’m annoying everyone in the house by playing it on continuous loop. *I* think it’s cool in large doses, but that’s probably my pseudo-autism speaking.

Perhaps this is fate because now I’ve been playing the song all day, we received a call to tell us the new TV (no, not a Sony Bravia) has arrived. It was delivered twenty minutes later, so now I can play the song while watching the coloured balls in slightly higher definition colour. Life rocks.

Speaking of which, my dark fantasy short-short, Vows, the one which just missed the cut after a rewrite from Ideomancer, has been snapped up by new Aussie magazine Ripples. It will appear in the next issue (#3), which will be released next month. Noice.

Now, with my laidback music, I’m back into playing email catch-up. Everything feels lighter and bouncier regardless.