Australian Shadows

It’s been a laid back kinda day. Not much of anything has been accomplished. The girls rocked around, and we were treated to the full slideshow of Hayley’s holiday pics – who knew London, Glasgow, and Paris could have such similar buildings… especially after photo #234 (or was that #581?). It was also an indication of Hayley and Lauren’s personalities that every second or third pic was a close-up of them sticking their tongues out (different locations, of course – the backdrop, that is, not the location of their tongues!).

The news of the day was the announcement of the Australian Shadows award shortlist. Australian Shadows is another initiative of the Australian Horror Writers Association, and is a recognition of the best horror/dark fiction work (short fiction thru to novel/antho etc) published by an Australian in 2005.

I was as pleased as punch to find SHADOW BOX was one of the shortlisted finalists! One of Lee’s stories (he had two!) on the shortlist was Pater Familias, which appeared in Shadowed Realms #3 – so a good result all around. The full list is:

The Grinding House (CSFG Publishing) by Kaaron Warren
Shadow Box (Brimstone Press) edited by Shane Jiraiya Cummings & Angela Challis
• “Pater Familias” (Shadowed Realms #3) by Lee Battersby
• “Father Muerte and the Flesh” (Aurealis #36) by Lee Battersby
• “The Red Priest’s Homecoming” (ASIM #17) by Dirk Flinthart

The winners will be announced sometime in April/May.

This has given me an opportunity to update my biblio ( – all those trees I was crapping on about the other day).