Australian Shadows clarification

As raised by Martin Livings, I wanted to clarify that the stories and publications written/edited and published in 2008 by the Australian Shadows judges (me, Chuck McKenzie*, and Brett McBean*) and awards director Kirstyn McDermott* were ruled ineligble for awards consideration.

This included Kirstyn’s Aurealis Award-winning story “Painlessness”, Midnight Echo #1 (co-edited by Kirstyn), Black: Australian Dark Culture Magazine (due to my involvement), Black Box (edited by me), and any stories from the judges (like my Voices story, “A Picture of Death”).

Individual stories that appeared in Midnight Echo, Black Magazine, and Black Box were eligible (as evidenced by Paul Haines’ nomination for “Her Collection of Intimacy” from Black #2) but the publications themselves (because Australian Shadows compares novels with anthologies, collections, magazines, and short stories) were ineligible. It’s one of the sacrifices we make as judges/award directors.

Does that make sense?

This will all be in my judges report (online March 13).

* Lots of Macs here, eh?