Australian Shadows

By now, word should be cropping up in all sorts of places around the internet, and perhaps even a few media outlets, that the finalists for this year’s Australian Shadows Award have been announced.

The AHWA website and HorrorScope have the shortlist of finalists. Congratulations, one and all!

This is the second and final year of my stint as an Australian Shadows judge and what a pleasure it has been. The Australian Horror Writers Association is one of the most professional – and certainly the most enthusiastic – peak bodies for writers in Australia. My fellow judges Chuck and Brett have ensured the selection process was quick and painless. Thanks guys. The choosing of the winner now lies with guest judge Sarah Endacott. The judges reports will appear when the winner is announced next month (Friday March 13).

Now that I’m the AHWA’s Vice President, one of the duties of the job will likely see me taking on the reins of the Australian Shadows Award Director role – a position deftly handled for the last couple of years by the indomitable Kirstyn McDermott. Should be a bundle of fun!