Aussies in the Stokers

As an HWA (USA) member, I’m aware that Aussies are doing pretty well in the early stages of this year’s Bram Stoker Awards (in my opinion, the world’s foremost horror award). It’s a complicated process, with three rounds (1. Recommendations from HWA members, 2. Voting on a preliminary longlist, and 3. Voting on the shortlisted finalists – the nominees).
Several Aussies, myself included, have had work ‘recommended’ by HWA members, and a couple of these could be on track to make the preliminary longlist – still far from being a Stoker finalist, but an achievement that eludes most Aussie horror authors nonetheless, primarily because US HWA members aren’t very aware of what happens Down Under and therefore do not recommend Aussie works.
To help raise Australian horror’s profile, AHWA’s Sinister Reads, the blog that promotes AHWA members’ work, has been running a series of posts on the authors and their works that have received one or more Stoker recommendations (and for posterity, a work needs to be in the top 10 for its category and have at least 5 recommendations to make the preliminary longlist stage).
Sinister Reads makes for fascinating reading. The posts so far are:
If you’re an HWA member reading this, I’d encourage you to check out these fine Aussie works for Stoker consideration. Drop me an email if you need contact info!