Aussie Spec Fic Carnival

Da do do do da do do do da da-do dooo da da-do doooo… and so on…

Welcome to the April Australian spec fic blog carnival! We have Jenny Hannivers by the dozen, the weird, the bizarre, and the downright blogtastic!

Major happenings have ummm happened in March/April, most notably Conjure, the 45th Australian SF natcon. While con reports are still dribbling in, we have a selection to suit the most demanding of bloggers. Kicking off with Gary Kemble’s excellent converage of the con for Articulate, the ABC online arts blog. Onya Gary! Here is the link that holds his coverage together (there are photos, audio recordings, and quotes! It’s just like being there!).

Donna Hanson, Robert Hoge, Rjurik Davidson, Gillian Polack, Kyla Ward, Deb Biancotti, Jonathan Strahan, and no doubt many more also offer their insights into the Conjure experience.

Conjure guest of honour Bruce Sterling had some nice things to say about the con and Brisbane.

Plenty of awards were presented at the con – The Ditmar awards (the Wikipedia entry is here), as well as the Peter McNamara Achievement Award (won by Peter Nicholls – of whom Jonathan Strahan believes the award was well deserved) and the Bertram Chandler Award (presented to Lee Harding in absentia, and breaking new records for length of an acceptance speech/rambling reminiscence).

Prior to the con, Girlie Jones had a few choice words about the treatment of ASif! and the pitfalls of Ditmar nominations (and subsequent revisions). Rjurik also talked awards, with collaborations thrown in.

Caught up in post-con euphoria, Ben Payne vows to get ‘motorvated’.

A few weeks earlier, Sydney held the Magic Casements writers festival. A whole bunch of folks shared their thoughts, including Iain Triffitt, Karen Miller, Donna, Gillian, and Magic Casements director Chris Barnes.

Various groups came together for a bit of a pow wow. Chris Lawson and friends started smelling of calamari when they started up Talking Squid. Sometimes it’s better not to ask. Over on ASif!, their message board has been hopping with a Q&A series. In the last few weeks, editor Russell B Farr and writer Ben Peek have been fielding questions. Ben also copied his answers onto his LJ. Now editor Keith Stevenson is in the ASif hot seat for two weeks.

Nicole R Murphy orchestrated the Outcast anthology blogfest to celebrate the launch of that anthology. Tansy Rayner Roberts, Gillian, Steven Cavanagh, and Ross Hamilton, amongst others, came to the party.

While on anthologies, Russell B Farr finally brings Simon Brown’s Troy to life, as well as talks about small press reviewing, and fanzines dressed us as lamb. He, Liz, and Lyn also brought out a new issue of Ticonderoga Online.

Angela Challis has published the latest (and very sexy-looking) issue of Shadowed Realms, albeit with some Easter-weekend technical difficulties.

Ian McHugh and Elise Bunter have been busy with the Shadowplays anthology – Andrew McKiernan gets a story in.

Tansy has put together a fine-looking ASIM #22, and even ran a promo competition for it. Alisa K also chips in with some promo for the issue. While promoting, she also puts out a call for more ASif! reviewers. Go on, you know you want to!

Tansy also discusses Margo Lanagan and the Hugos, while Margo puzzles over a review with the help of Trent.

Deb Biancotti’s mind wanders to fantasy writerhood. While in the realms of fantasy, Glenda Larke urges “if you don’t read fantasy, read this.”

Jonathan Strahan talks space opera and Year’s Best anthologies.

Rjurik gets all analytical on Delaney

Gillian delights in cliche with a sale to Subterranean magazine, and quails about chickens (or vice versa, it’s kinda hard to tell!).

As Justine Larbalestier discusses writing, so too do a bunch of insightful onlookers. On writing, Karen, Ben, Glenda, Deb, and Jonathan, shoot the breeze on 10 things they’ve learned about writing.

While everyone’s looking inward, the unstoppable Scott Westerfeld is optioning movies! In this case, his YA hit ‘So Yesterday’.

Even though still stranded in the UK, Martin Livings is steadily feeding us a stream of his UK adventure pics and pondering the launch of his novel, Carnies.

In Martin’s absence, Danny Oz put Skeletor and Hordak through the Tooth Fairy Scare. (Fortunately they survived, as did Darken Toodleshark).

Sean Williams continues to ride a wave of good reviews. He, along with Stephen Dedman, Lee Battersby, and Robert Hood, were also commissioned to do a story for Steve Saville’s upcoming Dr Who anthology. On the subject of commissions, Stephen and Lee are also involved in the Monster Noir project. Lee also bags himself a half naked dead chick in the form of the inaugural Australian Shadows Award from the Australian Horror Writers Association.

In even more obscure and apocalyptic matters, Andrew Macrae ponders the coming bird flu pandemic.

Finally, my favourite post, and a sign of things to come, Deb catches Snakes on plane fever. Snakes on a plane, man!

Stay tuned to HorrorScope for further updates on this culture-creeping phenomenon (or for the latest in cool reviews and news).

I now tip my hat in your direction. I hope you enjoyed the carnival, and that the freaks didn’t nibble at your fingers as you pawed their cages. Adieu!

I’d like to thank Gillian and Russell for their assistance in compiling this monstrous set of blogtastic links.

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